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Yubi Shines ([personal profile] starspiritgate) wrote2013-02-23 08:57 pm

Comic books.

Looking back, I think I liked the idea of Fables more than I liked the execution. It's a shame, because I liked the detective-noir feel of the first issue or two, and I was really prepared to like Bigby (having a soft spot for gruff brash scruffy guys who may or may not be monsters will do that). But I quickly got the feeling that the author was using the comic as a soapbox -- not a bad thing in and of itself, but it shouldn't be intrusive -- plus all the characters having the same "voice."

I also found the exposition really unbelievably grating. Not just the parts that went "as you know, bob, I, as rapunzel, have all these hair-related issues that you are aware of, being my hairdresser for the last few decades," but when they were executing some grand plan to take down some villain or other, and you'd have one of the good guys standing around gloating about every awesome step of their awesome plan to the villain and how awesomely flawless it went.

There's a reason why it's usually villains that do the "expospeak about the master plan" thing. It's because it comes off as irritatingly smug and eyeroll-inducing.

(There's also a part where the doctor brings up the option of abortion to Snow, and she treats him like he's a monster for even entertaining the idea. And it's implied that the witch Totenkinder derives some of her magical power from working at an abortion clinic. See: soapboxing.)

I stopped reading right around when the Adversary was defeated (spoilers??), so maybe it's gotten better since, but I dunno if I want to give it a shot.

Aside from Fables, I haven't read a whole lot of non-web-based comics lately; I think I made a few forays before getting the impression that serious/adult graphic novels were primarily composed of awful people with horrific pasts doing terrible things to each other. (One word: Preacher.)

I'll happily read about human suffering! All day every day! But I just need to be able to root for somebody or hope that things get better eventually. Otherwise it's all repulsive gross-out wank.

Speaking of human suffering, y'know, I haven't actually watched Madoka. (I know! I know. Next I'll say I haven't watched Avatar or Korra... oh, wait.) Probably gonna set aside a weekend to marathon it; I've absorbed just enough trivia via osmosis about the show to know I'll never love again. I can't wait.