Aug. 4th, 2014

starspiritgate: (um)
I've set up an alternate sketchblog here on DW @ [personal profile] yubishines, as a backup to my tumblr blog. I don't use dreamwidth for very much, to be sure, but now the "not much" is happening at my actual screenname instead of an outdated one. And on a site that doesn't have stupid scripts or autoplay music! With proper archives and tagging and everything!

To be honest, I've been wanting to phase out this username for a while -- it's been with me since before I signed up on LJ in 2003, all the way back in the ezboard days, certainly longer than some of the tumblr kids have been alive which is an alarming thought. This journal is pretty much the last holdout, I'm Yubi almost everywhere else now.

Though I'm a bit screwed when it comes to AIM, apparently I registered "yubishines" a zillion years ago and my account info is all glitched out or something, and it won't let me reset my password. I'll probably keep using "piratopteryx" there until I think of something better.

(Oh hey, I forgot I had "siaocabo" registered there, lol. maybe I should use that. even if I spelled it wrong.)

I'll keep this account around, since there's a few people floating around who still know me as Star.

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