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Yubi Shines ([personal profile] starspiritgate) wrote2014-03-21 05:13 am

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Not saying this over on the tumblr blog because ahahaha no, but I was looking back on that one post about not creating bland inoffensive interchangeable library paste in a misguided effort to be marketable to everyone, and looking at Zen Pencils and going, yup, that's exactly what not to do. That. Don't do that.

It isn't even just that the comics are so poorly researched that it's insulting (haha, yeah, Miyazaki's a Japanese artist, they all do wacky giant robot stuff, right?), it's that the whole thing takes the shallowest, most surface-level interpretation of the quote in question and delivers it in a smug, feel-good, pat-yourself-on-the-back presentation, reassuring you about how smart you are unlike those other gibbering knuckle-draggers. It's as deep as a puddle. It's the kind of thing you'll find printed in a primary school textbook or planner.

In comparison, I don't always like the Oatmeal comics (the Columbus/Bartolomé thing, for instance), but god damn, at least there's some personality behind 'em.

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