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Yubi Shines ([personal profile] starspiritgate) wrote2011-12-21 10:53 pm

The great DW abscondage

To RPers:

Hey! I'm Yubi. I play PM [personal profile] missmaillady (Homestuck), and also own the character accounts for Emily Stanton [personal profile] thecityneedsyou (The Protomen), Ruby [personal profile] subjectseven (Ruby Quest), Scarlet [personal profile] austerepath (The Path), and Celes [personal profile] generaltraitor (FF6). My tumblr is at repent, harlequin. My AO3 account is under YubiShines. My preferred pronoun is either he or she, doesn't matter which.

(EDIT: A full list of my RP characters can be found over yonder.)

My plurk is Piratopteryx. My personal AIM is starspiritgate, and my roleplay-only AIM is piratopteryx. Please do tell me who you are/where I know you if you message me, I have a dreadful memory for names.