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MSPA: Chess Rules

Crossposted from LJ. Original posting: 2010-11-30 14:22:00

These rules are not quite right, or at least aren't worded this way normally, but I'm hoping real chess players in the audience can forgive some inaccuracy.

I am not, by the way, good at the game -- I wasn't even aware promotion existed until a couple months ago. When I finally did read about it, well, then this just wrote itself.

1. The role and functions of a pawn.

2. The weakest pieces on the board; numerous; interchangeable; existing to be sacrificed for the benefit of the real players.

3. Unlike other pieces, a pawn may not retreat. It can only go forward, one step at a time.

4. A pawn cannot capture a piece that blocks its path. It may only proceed if the opposing piece concedes ground, or if a different route is offered.

5. The en passant capture is a special move that permits one pawn to successfully attack another without directly engaging it.

6. Otherwise, the only way a pawn can capture is by going one step forward and to the left or right, in a single diagonal move.

7. In very rare occasions, if a pawn is allowed to cross the entire board, unscathed...

8. may be promoted to a queen, and, perhaps, turn the tide of the war.

A few notes:
- This took... quite a while, working on and off, but I managed to finish it a little after the fourth prototyping was revealed. Which was pretty good timing.
- Wow I really should have gone with the original plan to doing this in hero mode style. It would not have taken over two months. The plan was to get this over with in a WEEK. Then other things interfered.
- Incidentally, this is the original first panel, done in hero mode.
- Eight panels, eight ranks on a chess board.
- The fact that PM ends with a black sword, a white queen's ring, and a grey crown just... delights me. The inclusion of the katana throws it off a bit (how to dual-wield with one arm?) but it still works. Kinda.
- In my original layout PM would be moving from the left to right as the panels progressed... ended up not really working and I scrapped that.
- The colour progression was an interesting accident though.
- What wasn't intended was the progression from crisp edges to impressionistic paintiness. Er. Sorry. I pretty much realized how good the Painter digital watercolours were right when this started and then went completely insane.
- I am now going to collapse in the wand pile.
- deviantart link

EDIT: uh so I'm now getting hits from stumbleupon and the short of it is I'm nearly out of bandwidth. Images uploaded to a different photobucket account, because the hits to this have literally gone over nine thousand. Please don't hotlink the images from the yubishines account, if you must then link to the starspiritgate ones instead.

EDIT: Yes, this was done a year before Cascade.

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